You know how it is. You’ve been dating for a while, things are going really well and you start to wonder if the infatuation you’re feeling might be something more. LLERO’s wonder no more. We’ve taken the guessing out of it all and provide you with these golden rules. Any woman who displays the following traits is a keeper one you should consider holding on to and enjoy the ride with.

1. She Understands You
Whether it’s knowing that you’re persnickety with it or she comprehends that you need alone time after your favorite team loses, her knowing what makes you tick is a huge plus. Now, some men fear the fact that their woman knows what they’re thinking (matter of fact some even despise it), but it’s not a bad thing. Love is the highest form of understanding. Sure you can’t get away with lying anymore and the only poker face you have left that she respects is in your iPod, but she’ll know exactly what to do when you need it done and that you don’t like it when she eats off your plate of food. Seriously ladies, men don’t like that.

2. She’s An Independent Woman
No, it’s not acceptable to be a man and live off your sugar mama like she’s your real mama, but if she’s capable of holding you down until when times get hard, then she’s that dude and deserves to be treated as such. Have dinner ready and a bath drawn when she pulls into the home you keep clean and spotless. Just don’t become a huevón and Kevin Federline it like a douche for too long. Because behind every strong man is a strong woman and if you’ve become complacent in your weak state then she’ll move on to someone else who can lift more than a fork and remote.

3. She’s a God Fearing Woman
Not necessarily in the religious context, but if she at the very least believes in the Golden Rule, then not only will you have a woman who’ll do right by you, but she’ll also inspire you to become a better man through her selfless actions. Not to mention you’ll be able to trust her around other guys. Why? Because she believes that if she cheats on you she’s going to hell. And any real woman knows there ain’t no man worth going to hell for.

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