December 2, 2023

Iwas having lunch with one of my Latino guy friends the other day and he was telling me about his latest girlfriend.

“She’s not my usual type but the sex is crazy good. She’s not so conservative.”

Conservative than what?

“You know. The girls that I’m used to dating…”

Who do you usually date?


Um, WHAT? Since when did we Latinas get a reputation of being conservative in the sack? Are we back to the Madonna/Whore complex or has it never left? If you’re wondering what the Madonna/Whore complex is and if you have it, Dr. Douglas Weiss, author of “She Has a Secret,” explains.

‘Every culture has a male population that adheres to a madonna/whore myth. This plays mostly to the dualistic manor in which cultures portray female sexuality. On one hand it tells men to protect women and marry a virgin. Then the culture sexualizes woman continually and men are encouraged to get as many woman as possible. So yes men are confused and have created language to deal with this confusion hence you have the Madonna (wholesome) Whore (cheap) versions of sexuality.’

In other words, if we’re not seen as the hot sex goddesses out to bed every guy in our sight, then we must be asexual women off to the nunnery. But guess what? Latinas are not just nice Catholic girls afraid of sex.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, Hispanics are less likely to identify as Catholic. Though some have converted to Protestantism, some are not religious at all. Not only that, some women who are still practicing Catholics don’t buy into the virgin/whore bullshit at all! And some of us really. Like. Sex. All kinds of sex. .

What kind you ask? Find out after the jump…

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Referred to as the “Naughty Dear Abby,” Lora Somoza is a sex educator, advice columnist and the host of the weekly podcast, "Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza." ( She is a contributor to Cosmopolitan and Latina Magazine, among others. She has been has been noted sexpert on The Playboy Channel, KABC Los Angeles, KBPI Denver, and The Naughty Show. She has also been a frequent guest on The Dr. Drew Show on HLN.

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