February 29, 2024

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I would rather not use such a cliché to explain the complexities between the opposite sexes. Especially when you throw Latinos and Latinas into the mix; it raises the stakes in that department. Allow me to demonstrate. Let’s just say, for example, that men are from the Dominican Republic and women are from Puerto Rico. We both come from similar regions (in our case, the testicles and the uterus) and speak the same language. And though it is said that we don’t get along, we, as quisqueyanos y boricuas, always gravitate toward each other.

Still, our different and heavy accents and terminologies jar our attempts at communicating effectively. Women say one thing while men stare and wonder, “Que?”

Women repeat themselves and men misinterpret, but are either too confused or too intimidated to ask questions. And just like that, you have a Puerto Rican and Dominican War of the Roses!

Well, I much rather we get along; so I am here to bridge the communication gap. Caballeros welcome to the Latina Dictionary — more than words included!

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Sujeiry Gonzalez is a vibrant writer, author and on-air talent that tells it like it is -- with just a little more sass and a ton of laughs. Coined the ‘Latina Carrie Bradshaw,’ she is the host of “The Sweet Spot with Sujeiry” on ChicRebellion TV. She’s rocked the relationship market since 2006, sharing her pearls of wisdom with CNN Latino, Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Latina Magazine, and more. Author of Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles, the 2013 Love Guru on Exitos 93.9FM owns LoveSujeiry Magazine – a community for women to dish on love, dating, sex and The Power of Self-First.

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