September 26, 2020


‘LL: An additional unique element to this show is the diversity of the cast. It seems as if every minority group is represented by way of the various crews from Latinos, to Asians to Russians. Could you speak to that?
To be honest with you, that’s my favorite thing about the show. It is something that is relevant and needed. You walk around the streets of New York and you see all different kinds of colors. I feel like television is doing more of that nowadays, the diversity in the last few years has improved. I’ve been the game for over a decade and when I first started there were the same “cholo” Latino roles, and now you have these roles for Latinos that are more complex and have all these layers. That’s the way it should be and Power has definitely opened a lot of doors in that aspect. Credit to our showrunner who has done an amazing job of creating that world. I love just being a part of that.

‘LL: You’ve also been a part of another world. Specifically, the DCEU on Arrow as Wildcat. Any chance we might see Wildcat return to Arrow or Earth 2 on The Flash?
Anything is possible. I like to think that door is still open. I hear about it all the time. Fans definitely took a liking to that character. It’s just difficult in terms of scheduling because both shows shoot at the same time and there in completely different places. So it’s a little tricky because of that, but it’s a possibility. I had a blast doing the show.

‘LL: You’ve been in the game for over 10 years. What drew you to acting?
I caught the bug. I started modeling in my early 20’s, doing commercial work, and I caught the bug. Put myself in classes, started local theatre in Florida. From there on I knew it was what I wanted to do. So I picked up my stuff and moved to L.A. without knowing anybody about 12 years ago and here we are.

‘LL: Any actors on your wish list that you’d like to work with or projects you’d like to do?
My cousin is actually developing a baseball project, which I am part of along with Amaury Nolasco. They are working on it now. As far as actors there are so many, Ben Foster is always someone I’ve wanted to work with. For me he’s one of the best actors of my generation.

‘LL: You also worked with Tyler Perry on House of Pain back in the day. What was it like working with him?
He directed everything I worked on. He was very hands on. I don’t know how he split himself in so many pieces, he was literally doing three shows at once, writing a film and he directed every episode I was in. It’s crazy how much work he puts behind everything he has. That’s something that was very inspiring to see starting out.

‘LL: Speaking of starting out. You were born in Cuba but emigrated at a young age. What do you think of the current change occurring in Cuba?
I left at three months old. My cousins remind me I’m the gringo of the family [laughing]. I think it’s good that things are starting to open up, but I think it will take some time. I joke with friends that they should go now before there are 15 McDonald’s all over Havana. I think it’s a slow process, I just hope more than anything that the actual people of Cuba are the ones that profit from the change.

‘LL: We have to press one more, time, anything more you can share about the final episode? Does Julio make it to Season 4?
[Laughing] I don’t know man; you have to tune into find out.

‘LL: Given that were on #TeamJulio, we certainly hope so.



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