December 4, 2023



A Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Looking for something to buy for your brother, dad, drinking buddy, or partner? Or perhaps people keep asking you what you want for Christmas this year, and you don’t know. Well, here's a list of some of the co...
Summer Scents of 2019-2

The Best Summer Scents of 2019

Just like with fashion, your scent style should reflect the season. Consider this your official notice to retire those overly spicy and woodsy selections in favor of more fresh and vibrant notes that will a...

2018 Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

The final shopping days until Christmas are winding down and so is the chance to score a gift for that family member, close friend, or even frenemy. No fear ‘LLERO is here. We’ve curated some great stocking stu...

Essential Libros For The Latino Man

In today’s world, the art of long-form reading seems to have lost a bit of its luster. Most of the time we’re consumed with 140-character tweets, text emoji’s or quick skimmable headlines. Even though the books...
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