Just like with fashion, your scent style should reflect the season. Consider this your official notice to retire those overly spicy and woodsy selections in favor of more fresh and vibrant notes that will align with the summer breeze. There are literally hundreds of bottles to choose from, but you’re in luck. ‘LLERO has done the heavy lifting and narrowed down the best summer scents to keep in rotation as the temperature keeps rising. 

Zara Night Pour Homme II Sport ($19.90)

Smelling like money doesn’t mean you have to spend a car note to do so. Zara comes through in the clutch once again with a budget friendly bottle in Night Pour Home II Sport. This eau de parfum is very fresh and light thanks to the lavender and bergamot notes. It is also very well balanced so the citrus elements do not overpower the bouquet. While Homme II is a smart buy it isn’t long lasting. So make sure you re-up midday.

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