January 30, 2023

For the Gamer…

Samsung Gear VR
For the gamer in you or your household virtual reality is the way to go and the new Samsung Gear VR is in the thick of it.

Of course, the visual experience of using Gear VR will depend on which Samsung smartphone you use, like the large and sharp Note 7 screen. But there are some improvements to the actual headset. A widened viewing angle and darkened color tint reduce glare. We tested this puppy ourselves, playing their haunted house game and the experience was mind-blowing, the bomb, off the hook…the superlatives are endless and so is the fun.

Best of all, the price of the new Gear VR is just $99, but you will need one of the following compatible devices to plug in: Galaxy Note 7, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge or S6 Edge+.

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