The sun is letting off more heat with each passing day, and soon, your salvation from the volatile rays will be waiting for you in neck-deep waters. You have to be prepared.

Water parks, beaches, pools, and other large bodies of water are the place to be when you need to keep cool; but looking cool while you’re there is the actual challenge. Miller Lite showed us the wrong way to do things in their commercial, but finding the right pair is still tough.

Since we can’t all emerge gracefully from the water with every body part sculpted to perfection, it’s important to be cognizant of the things that are within your control.

Don’t wear briefs

This point can’t be understated: You are not Michael Phelps and this is not a swim meet. This isn’t an issue of confidence; you might look fantastic in briefs. It’s that you also look like a jerk in them. There’s no need to be aerodynamic for a leisurely dip. Even Phelps knows the difference. Besides, there might be children around, man.

Do embrace freedom

If you’re on the fence about getting wet, or don’t want to commit to trunks for an entire day, your nearest H&M is loaded with casual swimwear solutions not offered online (not to mention friendly prices–$12.95 and up). They look like regular cargo shorts, but with all the innards of a standard swim trunk: thin polyester and interior mesh lining for support. Nothing is better than a versatile pair of shorts that will look good and feel good when you put them on.

Don’t dismiss Speedo completely

The Speedo brand is synonymous with the swimming brief, but it’s not their only design. The Speedo Volleys, priced anywhere between $25 and $48, are designed with Speedo’s Speedry® fabric—material that is water repellent and dries twice as fast as traditional shorts. Quick-drying trunks are of the utmost importance because lingering dampness ranks high on the frustration-o-meter for all guys. Better yet, the Volleys don’t look like basketball shorts from the 70s.

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