February 9, 2023

Don’t be lazy

Speaking of which, don’t wear basketball shorts. Showing up “too cool” for actual swim trunks makes you look stubborn and lazy. Basketball shorts aren’t practical since they’re best suited to handle light amounts of moisture like sweat, not complete water submersion. Every guy knows the struggle: you’re trying to get out of water, but your shorts feel the drag and nearly stay put. To that effect don’t go the super-economical route and use a pair of cut-off jeans either. Why? Same reasons for not wearing basketball shorts.

Do know your limit

“Nothing lasts forever,” is what a Burberry sales associate said when asked about the durability of swim trunks priced at $295. If money’s not an issue, the classic Burberry pattern makes a strong statement. But hesitation comes packaged with that price tag. Fear of getting snagged on a waterslide—or worse—can end the fun before it formally begins.

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