Summer time is right around the corner. That means it is officially time for fun in the sun and flirting with pretty mamis in bikinis. A growing trend has been to ditch the beach and hit up the pool party aka “the day club.”

Hotels in LA, Las Vegas, Miami and even New York City have taken to hosting all-out bashes. Hell, you know you’re on to something if royalty is getting in on the action (who could forget Prince Harry’s now infamous trip to Wet Republic last year?). So if you find yourself at a pool party and don’t really know how to get your swerve on, make sure you got the basics covered. Read on for some tips on how to navigate this new sandbox.


This is so essential and really a no-brainer. When the heat is on and the clothes are at a minimum, our insecurities have a greater chance of getting the best of us. Resist the urge and check them at the door. Stay out of your head and keep yourself on the dance floor (or in the pool). Be busy boogieing and not gloating about your love handles. Still worried? Check out our style tips below.

Have FUN

Have fun, man. Be worried less about hitting on chicks and focus more on enjoying yourself. Put the good vibes out there. As long as you and your people are in a visible area, you will become a part of the entertainment. Let yourself be some eye candy.

You can also add some spice by throwing in some party essentials and extras, like rolling papers, for a touch of laid-back enjoyment to your pool party. These are all about creating a chill and relaxing atmosphere without drawing too much attention. You may explore online for a few more ideas to elevate your poolside experience with a hint of more fun and relaxation.

Eye Contact

As if this wasn’t already important on a regular basis, it is even more important in this type of setting. Please do your absolute best to keep eye contact at all times…especially when the chicas are facing you. I highly recommend wearing a fresh pair of shades. They look dope, save your eyes from UV rays, and give you some leeway when scoping all them culasos. I usually wear surf and snowboard brand sunglasses over other because they have high styling and less in your face branding.

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