October 22, 2020


Nenas love a good sense of humor. Let it shine bright. A few topics to avoid though: stay away from making fun of her friends. That never turns out well. And don’t waste your time making fun of the bartender. Even if they are providing shitty service, it’s too easy of a target and could potentially ruin a fun time.

Now on to some specifics, unique to the setting…


Your bathing suit should be an actual bathing suit. Believe it or not, the more popular the party, the stricter the door policy becomes. Some venues have been known to ding guys at the door because they’re rocking the jean short or other homemade trunks. Not sure what to rock? Check out our handy guide. For tops, I recommend a tank top with a button-up shirt over. Maybe the dope oxford shirt you wore the night before. I like a nice cotton button up, because they are breezy, provide nice protection from the sun if your skin needs a rest, and if they have a pocket they are wonderful for your phone or wallet since bathing suits typically have less pockets than regular pants or shorts. Not feeling the button up? Then rock a polo. It looks so fresh with a bathing suit and will put you above and beyond every other dude in a t-shirt. The shirt will help you deal with possible love-handle worry mentioned above.

Plan Ahead, Stick to the Essentials

They don’t call it a day club for nothing. Some places tend to get prickly if a place is at capacity. In some instances, be prepared to either pay an entrance fee, wait in a line or both. If you know you’re headed to a spot, call ahead and maybe make a reservation. It will save you time and money in the long run. Also, keep your gear to the essentials: wallet, sunglasses, phone. Some door policies make you toss any extras e.g., chewing gum, water bottles. Yeah it shouldn’t feel like an airport check-in, but sometimes it is. Another reason to make a reservation, sometimes they will be more lax about such things.

The Proper Post Up

You’re in. Set up camp around a group of girls. They don’t have to be the hottest at the party, nor do any of them have to be of particular “sporting” interest. As long as they seem cool and are able to see you and your peoples having a good time chances are forces will meld. Conversations will start, dancing will continue, drinks will be drunk, and girls will see you talking with other females. Congratulations, you are officially partying.

Pool party

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Men and women in pool- istockphoto.com/isitfun
Women hugging in pool- istockphoto.com/Juanmonino
Man and woman having drinks in pool- istockphoto.com/Junial



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