Feeling run-down is never a good feeling to have, especially when there are things in life that you need to be getting on with. If you’ve been feeling run-down for a while though, there might be reasons why you’re feeling this way. Here are four reasons why you may be feeling run-down.

Lack Of Sleep

When you’re feeling run-down, the first thing to look at is your sleep habits or pattern. It’s one of the main things that can help us recover when we’re sick and not having enough of it is likely to make us feel tired and exhausted. Our body can’t function when it’s not had enough sleep, at least not to the best of its ability. When you’ve had a lack of sleep, you’ll likely notice your reaction time is slower, and things are likely to feel like more of an effort to do. You should be getting around seven to nine hours of sleep per night, and if that’s not happening currently, then there likely lies the problem.

Feeling Stressed 

Our emotions can be something that drains us, and it can certainly have an influence on our other feelings, particularly a lack of energy. Stress can come from various aspects of our lives, whether that be our work or personal life and sometimes it can be hard to remove or to find a way of not letting that stress control our everyday living. So when you are finding yourself in a stressful situation, access it. Is it something that you can cut out of your life or get rid of? If it’s related to your job, then maybe it’s worth sitting down with your line manager and expressing your concerns. It’s good to have communication and a discussion with whoever may be causing that stress in your life.

An Underlying Medical Condition

In life, we all go through bad times, where it could be going through an intensive outpatient treatment program or getting over a bout of sickness. An underlying medical condition is something that no one will know about unless you go to your doctor. When you’re not feeling yourself, it’s important to seek medical advice. It’s much better to know what’s going on in your body than not to know and let it harm your body even more. You may have something like an underactive thyroid issue or diabetes. These are just two problems that could be causing you to feel run-down all the time.

A Poor Diet

Eating healthy is important to ensure we live a long and healthy life. Eating junk food is obviously not good for you, but more so, food can affect the way you emotionally and physically feel. This might be feelings of sluggishness and tiredness can come from eating bad foods. Try to encourage a healthier diet but don’t deny yourself those treats every so often.

Life’s too short to feel tired and constantly exhausted, so find the reason for it and go about fixing the issue.

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