So, how much sleep did you get last night?  If you didn’t get your recommended 7-9 hours, then you might well be feeling tired and groggy today. Perhaps you stayed up well past bedtime watching Netflix. Or maybe you were partying hard until the early hours. Or maybe you are a sufferer of insomnia, in which case, you might want to read our tips on getting a better nights sleep for a possible solution to the problem of sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation is an issue you can’t ignore. If you have related to what we have said thus far, then you do need to get a handle on the situation. So, if you are prone to Netflix binges, you should turn your screen off at a decent time, not only so you can get to bed, but also because screen time can affect your sleep pattern. You should also limit your partying to the weekends when you might have the opportunity to have a lie-in during the morning. And as well as reading the tips we previously linked you to if you are struggling to get your shut-eye on a regular basis, you might also browse the variety of herbal supplements online and in your local health store that can send you off to la-la land faster than you can say ‘goodnight dear’ to your nearest and dearest.

You see, there are serious side-effects to sleep deprivation, and you can see some of them below. 

#1: A lack of sleep slows down your cognitive processes

Sleeplessness will dull your brain. In the morning, you will be less alert than you should be, and this can cause you to have accidents. Have you ever dropped your breakfast bowl? It can also affect your reasoning processes, so you might make a mistake at home or at work because you aren’t thinking properly. You will find it difficult to concentrate on the tasks you have to do too, which let’s face it, won’t go down well with your boss when you aren’t as productive as you should be at work. So, let the fact that you might be a health hazard at home, on the roads, and at work, and the fact that being tired at your desk might land you the sack, be incentives for getting a better night’s sleep on a daily basis. 

#2: A lack of sleep could kill you

Sorry to be so blunt but it’s true. This could be a consequence of the point we raised above – fatigue is one of the biggest killers on the road today – but also because a lack of sleep can put you at risk of a variety of potentially life-threatening health conditions. These include heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Knowing that a better night’s sleep could potentially save your life should give you the impetus to curb your binge watches and partying lifestyle. So make every effort to hit the pillow at a decent time each night.

#3: A lack of sleep will kill your sex drive

When you’re feeling tired, you are less likely to want to have sex. This is partly because of your weary state. If you’re not up for the exertion of some bedroom gymnastics, then you are going to favor sleep over sex. But it’s also because of a change in your hormone levels that can diminish your levels of desire and arousal. You can find out more here. Telling your partner “not tonight dear” once in a while is perfectly acceptable. Yet, if done on a too-regular basis, this could affect your relationship. So, if you have been struggling with your libido recently, and if you have been making too many excuses for not having sex with your loved one. Then perhaps it’s time to catch up on your sleep so you can catch up on the sex life that both you and your partner have been missing.

#4: A lack of sleep will age you ahead of time

Have you ever been asked how old you are by somebody, and then been faced with an incredulous response? If it’s because you look younger than you are, then you have either found the fountain of youth or you are doing something to look after your skin’s complexion, which includes getting the requisite amount of sleep.

On the other hand, if the other person has ‘kindly’ told you that you look older than you are. Then that should be a wake-up call to you if you are depriving yourself of sleep. You see, the less sleep you get, the worse your skin will look in the morning. As you will be faced with puffy eyes, sallow skin, and fine lines around your face when you look in the mirror. Shudder! Thankfully, your skin will repair itself over time. But you do need to get your beauty sleep to start seeing more positive results when you’re staring at your reflection in the morning.

#5: A lack of sleep can cause an increase in your weight

Sleep loss isn’t the only factor behind weight gain, of course. Certain health conditions can trigger an increase in weight, and if you’re lacking in exercise and eating more junk food than is good for you (tip: no junk food is good for you), then you are going to pile on the pounds. However, know that your lack of z’s can also be a factor. Due to the changes in your hormones that regulate appetite and hunger, you are more likely to reach for unhealthier food options when you’re tired.

Going back to the first point on this list, because your reasoning power will be affected, you are less likely to make sensible choices when you’re planning your evening meal. You can see the science behind sleep loss and weight gain here. So, if you have had a serious case of the munchies recently, and if you have been piling on the calories. It could be because of your lack of sleep. Do the sensible thing then and get to sleep at a decent time. Perhaps by engaging in exercise before hit your pillow, as not only will this help you with your weight problem but it will also help you to fall asleep faster.


So, have you been suffering from a lack of sleep? The onus is on you to sort your sleeping pattern out. As you will only be hurting your life otherwise. Follow our suggestions then, and let the issues we have discussed be incentives for improving the level of z’s you get each night.

Thanks for reading.

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