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5 Panamanian Men You Need to Know

Panama is a country known for many things from the political strife it has endured, to it's contributions to the world of music and sports, to its largest architectural wonder the Panama Canal. However, it has also produced men that have not only paved success...

The Most Kick Ass Dia De Los Muertos Ofrendas

Dia de Los Muertos is this week. For those that don’t know, this Mexican holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember those close to them who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. Part of the days tradition includ...

There May Be a ‘Brown Wave’ in the November Elections

The Congressional midterm elections are just a few weeks away. Much has been much bandied about a “blue” or “red” wave set to determine control of Congress and by extension the direction of the country. Yet another phenomenon is gripping these elections which ...

El Matador – Chi-Chi Rodriguez

The putting green was his stage, a golf club his prop and the 18-hole course his partner; it may be an unlikely medium for a poor, Puerto Rican boy in the 1940s to find his calling, but Chi-Chi Rodriguez did that and more thanks to his quick hands and natura...

Piri Thomas | The Flow Master

Living in a dichotomous world where color was chosen over culture, Piri Thomas an Afro-Cuban-Puerto Rican man busted open a literary door for future Latino writers to successfully walk through. For so many U.S. Latinos who grow up “in-between” instead of “...

Do Latino Men Have a Role in the #MeToo Movement?

Is there a difference with regard to the #MeToo movement as it applies to Latino men? Especially given that Latino men too have experienced the effects of marginalization? Hollywood’s male dominated culture came crashing down when Ronan Farrow’s piece was p...

Puerto Rico One Year After Hurricane Maria

One year ago today the people of Puerto Rico were bracing for a Category 4 storm named Hurricane Maria. It touched down just two weeks after Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm, grazed the island killing three people and leaving 1 million without power. Maria l...

The Latinx Game Changers

As Hispanic Heritage Month gets underway, we are looking at the present and celebrating the future. We are living in precarious times; discriminatory rhetoric against people of color and immigrants gets regular airtime; environmental policies enacted to pro...

5 Things Every Man Can Love About Uruguay

August 25th marks the independence day of Uruguay. Now, when folks think of Latin America, it’s the beaches of Rio, cultural riches of Mexico or Colombia that often come to mind. But don't sleep; Uruguay is a hidden gem in Latin America. Don't believe us? We...
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