You spot a Latina and think, “Damn! That woman is fine!” It’s an acute observation as many Latinas, no matter what specific culture, are naturally beautiful. Our skin tone comes in cafe, caramel, dark chocolate and even milky white. The locks that flow from our head or kiss our crown range from straight and curly to thick and thin. So much variety in all of us, yet men still believe silly generalizations about who we are as a people, as women. Some assumptions are flattering; being honored due to our full behinds isn’t so bad. Some are cliché; not all Latinas are caliente. As Elizabeth De La Cruz, a 31-year-old Dominican from Lawrence, Massachusetts, puts it; Latinas are not “sexual deviants that are going to sexually blow minds while speaking with a Spanish accent.” As a matter a fact, some Latinas are actually prudish (gasp!). Still, men make assumptions. Specific assumptions that I am here to dispel to help you the next time you find yourself in their company. So take a quick read and learn to side-step those foot-in-mouth moments. Let’s get to it!

Mexicans Are All Poor and Have Tight Vaginas

Mexican women are confronted by men who not only assume they’re poor but are also nice and tight. 31-year-old Tijuana native and U.S. resident, Melissa Burgueno, once dated a San Diego man who figured that his latest paramour was penniless. “He literally assumed I was poor just for being Mexican,” Burgueno said. “He had the idea that he was the rich prince coming to rescue the poor princess from Mexico.” Poor, Burgueno is not. The professional make-up artist has her own company, Make Up Emporium and is a You Tube sensation.

Topless Latina brunette with long curly hair full

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