adidas Soccer recently revealed the away jerseys that will be donned by adidas federations as they embark on soccer’s ultimate prize – the FIFA World Cup. The kits are inspired by a combination of jerseys past and iconic landmarks that have got plenty of cultural relevance. Here’s a quick look at the kits that some of our favorite teams from Latino America will be wearing at this year’s World Cup.


The Argentina away kit will see the team take to the pitch in black for the first time in the AFA’s history. Adidas has said that the jersey is a reinterpretation of previous adidas Argentina away jerseys, brought up to date with the inclusion of a graphic inspired by the colors of the nation’s flag. – Gotta represent, no! Check out that little known player from the national team rock the kit below.




Colombia’s away jersey contains blue straight from the country’s flag and features a bold graphic inspired by traditional scarf patterns worn by Colombians for special occasions. It includes bright orange accents in the form of the three stripes, adidas logo and trimming on the collar. A sign-off on the collar with the team’s slogan, “Unidos Por Un Pais” – translating to “United as one Nation” – completes the jersey in the best way possible.



Check out the away jerseys for Mexico and Spain after the jump…

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