October 25, 2021


The away jersey for Mexico is a simple and sleek design. It takes inspiration from the nation’s flag colors, with a bold red and green stripe running across the chest. A sign-off on the collar features the slogan “Soy Mexico”, translating to “I Am Mexico”.




The Spain away jersey features a new and unique color combination. Subtle rain drop shades of blue in a graphic inspired by the pattern seen on adidas jerseys of the late 1980’s for a little throwback look and fell. The kit features a two-colored crest to complete a fresh new color concept.

On the new design, Juergen Rank, Senior Design Director at adidaa said, “the World Cup has always been the stage to showcase some of our most iconic products, innovations and designs. Many of these classic designs remain hugely popular with fans, and we want to continue to celebrate them while introducing new innovations, combining authenticity with progression.”



The away jerseys are available for purchase at adidas soccer.

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