Everyone wants to be Mexican


With all the stereotypes, hateful rhetoric and misinformation floating around it’s no wonder there is so much hater-ation on Mexicans and Latinos. With that said, Cinco de Mayo is the day that everyone wants to be Mexican. Let’s keep it real: it’s flattering that everyone wants to be down even if it’s just for 24 hours. We also know that plenty of gringos do an awful job of cultural appreciation. Instead give them a drink and let them hang out with La Raza so they can learn what it’s all about, que no?

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Jessica Rodriguez

Besides putting pen to paper for ‘LLERO Jessica is a co-founder. She is a seasoned writer, editor and journalist who has successfully peddled her words across media platforms from Urban Latino, Latina and Cosmo Latina, since picking up her professional pen in 1999.

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