There are plenty of reasons to hate on Cinco de Mayo. Or as it’s come to be konwn Drinko-de-Mayo. There are the half-hearted lunch specials at your local restaurant (note: adding salsa to something doesn’t make it Mexican). No one likes the over-sized sombreros and fake mustaches people rock for no reason. The sloppy drinking and insistence on shots that everyone engages in starting at 11 am (or sooner).

Well, call us optimists!

We like to see the shot glass as half-full on this Latino event. Here is why we think Cinco de Mayo is truly the best holiday ever to be celebrated.

It’s a celebration of a bully getting the smackdown

Although Cinco de Mayo is not the anniversary of Mexico’s birth or independence it’s still an important day. It is an acknowledgement of when Mexicans kicked the French (wanna-be colonizers) out of the state of Puebla. So in essence it’s all about imperialist bullies being taken to task for bad behavior. On top of that, it’s a celebration of how hard Mexicans can kick ass! Sounds like a good enough reason to party!

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