Make no mistake; men will converse about their experiences receiving oral sex. And a common gripe is that Latinas don’t particularly enjoy providing it. Well…think again, Latinas enjoy oral sex (giving and receiving) just as much as you do!

Mind-blowing, right? Well, it shouldn’t be. Women are having more oral sex than ever. And get this: more of them are opening up about just how much they enjoy it. Dying to know what mujeres really think about when they are pleasuring their hombres? I reached out to Latinas across the Interwebs to find out what they think about oral sex and what they wish men would keep in mind when on the receiving end of things. Read on for what they had to say…

We Want A Reaction

“I feel sexy doing it, I genuinely enjoy it. Most women stop after they get married or have kids, [but] I actually want it more. I get excited. I give myself silent props because he tenses up and his toes curl.” – Yanette*, 31, Puerto Rican, Chicago

“If he’s not closing his eyes and grasping the pillows, then I know I gotta take it up a notch. [To] make sure the fun doesn’t end abruptly, I smile at him and say silly—or sexy, depending on your perspective—things like, ‘Yum, so delicious.’” – Wendy*, 27, Brazilian, New York

Subtlety Goes A Long Way

“Do not push my head down hard to get me to go deep cause it just turns me off. And please no cheerleading—there’s a way to express pleasure without sounding like I’m going in for a field goal.” – Maite*, 36, Argentine, Atlanta

Don’t Slow Your Roll?

“When I go down at first I’m going at it like [I’m] eating a chicken wing. Five minutes in, I’m like, “Are you done yet? Why are you not done? Ok, now my mouth muscles are hurting!” – Maite

“When I start it’s like a mission. I’m thinking, ‘I am going to make you cum.’ Then after 10 minutes, I start thinking about what I want to watch after this. After 20 minutes, I just keep repeating in my head, ‘Cum already! Dammit, how much longer?”- Alyssa*, 30, Puerto Rican, Milan, Italy

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