Recognize & Respect the Reflex!

“Just because I like giving head does not mean I can deep throat. I’ve tried for years but can’t do it because my gag reflex is too strong. Also, just because I like sucking on you does not mean I am going to swallow your semen. I am not. I hate the texture of semen. My best sexual partners recognize my limitations as well as my abilities, and they don’t make me feel bad for either.” – Laura*, 27, Mexican & African-American, Kentucky

“Since I usually sleep with Black men, in my mind I’m thinking “I have to represent. When he goes back and tells his friend that he hooked up with a Latina, he has to say I was the best.” – Natasha, 26, Ecuadorian, New Jersey

Swallowing – Because Their Is No Clever Way to Phrase It

“I find it disgusting! When I go down on him, I know when he is about to cum and I quickly and gracefully push him away before it can even touch me. I think that’s the only time I have a ninja reflex. I bend in ways I never thought possible just to avoid getting hit!” – Alyssa

“I swallow. There will be no messes in my fancy-ass bedroom.” – Yanette

“As long as it doesn’t get in my eye, I’m ok swallowing and what not, getting a little freaky.” – Wendy

To Give Is To Receive

“Do not expect me to want to go down on you if you won’t ever go down on me. I’m tired of certain men thinking their genitalia should be worshiped and female genitalia should be shamed. Eating a woman out is an art form.” – Laura

“I’m always surprised when it happens and immediately start thinking of the conditions down there. After about a minute of worrying, if he seems all right, and then I start enjoying it. – Wendy

The Latino Lover Wins

“Latino men are the most passionate. They make you feel like you are the only one—even though you hardly ever are—and have the most talented tongues. Then again, so do us Latinas!” – Natasha

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Tanisha Love Ramirez lives and works at the intersection of pop culture and current affairs. Best known for her ability to use breaking lifestyle and entertainment news to frame larger conversations concerning gender, race and social enterprise, Tanisha shares her special brand of “news with a point of view” as a freelance contributor for Cosmo for Latinas, The Huffington Post, AskMen, Jezebel, and New Latina.

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