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The penultimate episode of Vida opens on a more wholesome note than prior episodes. In this Vida Recap, we witness Lyn being born again as she goes through her baptismal ceremony. Damn, that Victor moves fast!  Looks like Lyn is all in on this growing up thing. And so, opens the latest episode of Vida.


Baby Drama

Seems like Emma was serious about being preggers. We spy her at a birth control center obtaining pills to abort her pregnancy. No one saw that coming. Emma then comes home to find Lyn running through her closet. Apparently, Lyn needs a better outfit for Rudy’s latest political function. She wants to get it right this time. As they chat Emma shares with Lyn, she’s taken the pills and may need some help later in the evening. She also fesses that the baby is Baco’s.



Lyn makes it to Rudy’s event, and this go around is dressed the part. But Mama Rudy is none too happy to see her there, in particular the effect the wind his having on her bits! To make matters worse Johnny and Carla happen to be in attendance.  Carla wants to talk to the councilman about a community issue, but once Lyn appears you can feel the chill in the air. Carla calls her a “trophy girlfriend pinche chameleon”. The day ain’t going well for Lyn. The trifecta comes when Mamazilla makes her way to Lyn before days end, and adds some suegra shade telling her “whoever ends up with Lyn has to measure up. No puede ser un cualquiera”.  Lyn shuts its down – cutting to the chase and asking for Mama Rudy to air her beef. The final nail in the coffin is when Rudy interrupts for a photo op with Lyn and tells her he’ll do all the talking, to “just smile and look pretty like you always do”. With all the shade being thrown at Lyn its no wonder those nipp’s are popping out of her blouse.


Emico & the Drag Kings

Meanwhile back at Vida, Los Vigilantes continue their protests, this time literally dropping trash in front of the bar. Nico is trying to resolve the drama with her and Emma but looks like those pills are taking a toll on Emma and she’s visibly becoming ill.  In the meantime, the drag group hired by Emma are prepping for their performance at the bar are being some very needy guests and throwing shade at Eddy behind her back calling her a “gender queer and elder”.

Notwithstanding the high maintenance, the Drag Kings do have a great set. The group are dragged out in Latino culture’s greatest hits – from Antonio Banderas in Desperado, to Machete and Too Wong Foo.

Later in the evening Nico, comes clean to Emma. Nico feels she’s gotten off her path and doesn’t believe they can resolve their differences. Nico is leaving the bar and gives Emma her two-week notice. After hearing the news Emma gets sicker than she already is. As she runs outside to vomit, she once again hears the protesting chants of Los Vigilantes. 


Father Knows Best

Lyn retreats from her beau’s event and makes it over to Victor’s for his gathering in connection with her new born-again status. Lyn essentially confesses to Victor that she bailed on Emma in supporting the drag event. Yet more importantly seems to have forgotten Emma took the pills and needs help with more than just with the bar. As Lyn is speaking Victor’s eyes raise (and not in a good way) when she tells him the bar is full every night and making money. Clearly Victor has an agenda. However, Victor does tell Lyn, she must keep her word to Emma, “successful business owners always keep their word” and he volunteers to drive Lyn over to the bar.

Emma hears the protesters as she is vomiting. After she gathers herself, she crosses the street and correctly calls them to task. Pointing out how they will harass the local business owners, but not fight against the big corporations truly gentrifying the neighborhood. Her words are met with a deafening silence by the group – mic drop for Emma.

Yet, the victory is short lived. As she turns to return to the bar, Emma witnesses Lyn and Victor drive in.  Emma’s look of disgust never more apparent. As Lyn calls Victor “papi”, Emma loses it. Screaming at him to leave.

Emma then turns to Lyn and simply tells her “Today I really needed you”.

Emma is truly at her lowest, she’s lost a baby, she’s lost her love in Nico and feels like her sister has betrayed her.

Only one more episode of Vida left. What will become of the Lyn-Johnny-Rudy triangle. Will Emma and Nico reconcile? What’s Victor’s true play here? Most importantly can Lyn and Emma repair their sisterhood.

Tune in next week for the final Vida Recap to find out!!!!

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