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Odd’s are it’s happened to you at some point in your life — the time to throw hands. Either some dude disrespected you, one of your boys or your woman. In your gut you know talk is cheap so fisticuffs must ensue. BUT – this time around the other guy, well let’s just say he looks like he’s done this before which has you second guessing your approach. How do you know when you may have bit off more than you can chew? Check out 5 signs a guy has your number.

1. He Lets You Have The First Punch

If you’re offered the first hit for free, that is a sure fire sign you’re dealing with a fighter who’s on a higher level than you. Not only is it a warning that he can dish it out, it’s also indication that he can eat some knuckle sandwiches as well. This is a proficient move in the hand game and if you’re a novice, you’re about to get a crash course in hand-to-hand combat. So if you’re offered a first swing recognize that you’re going to pay and pay dearly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

2. Bets Begin to Get Placed

If once you agree to throw down like Bobby Flay and everyone begins to bet how long you’ll last (not the fight itself, how long you personally will last), that’s a pretty strong indication that you’re about to get tenderized. This person obviously has a Sandman reputation that you’re unaware of. You might as well hit the shower kid because the smart money is on this myth of a man putting you to bed in what will be considered a blood bath and beyond.

3. He Takes His Shirt off

Yet another move from a proficient if not expert fighter. If the man takes his shirt off before a fight it’s not because he wants to show off his six-pack or his keg a la Rick Ross, it’s because this is a familiar situation and knows that clothing will only slow him down. If he has on a tank top and still takes it off, that’s an even bigger red flag to be wary of. God have mercy on your soul if he decides to take off his pants too and fight with nothing but a pair of boxers and chancletas on his person.

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4. He Doesn’t Care That He’s on Parole

You should be well aware that if this person is willing to sacrifice their newly acquired freedom just to make an example out of you, (Adrian from “Rocky” voice) “You can’t win!” For all you know he wants a reason to go back to jail and he’s just turned you into a pawn in his game. So check yourself before you get knighted in the worse way, rook. You can actually gracefully bow out while saving some face here by claiming you don’t want anyone to go back to jail on your account. People will see through this move like glass, but it’s better than having a shattered jaw.


5. He Dedicates The Fight To Someone/Thing

The fight hasn’t even started and this man is dedicating it to someone or something he loves? It’s obvious he has no intention of losing this fight and will be willing to go that extra mile to ensure that he honors his word. Best-case scenario he dedicates the fight to his country of origin. If so, you might be able to walk away with a lump or two, maybe even a draw. Worst-case scenario he dedicates it to his deceased mother or father. In that case have a eulogy prepared.


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