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Episode four the final season of Vida opens with a Lyn and Rudy hedonistic love fest. Lyn and Councilman Rudy are in the middle of the deed, when Lyn takes things a little too far for the Councilman. He makes it be known – Rudy don’t play like that. Lyn however is confused, as they have done way more backdoor action than that in the past. Rudy however believes that is different and shuts it down. And so, opens the latest episode of Vida.


Papi Drama

Over in Emma’s world. She’s starts doing her diligence on papa Victor. Emma consults an attorney to determine the sister’s rights to Vidalia’s estate with their father now risen from he dead. In her search Emma discovers how Victor badly abused Vidalia and sees some pretty gruesome photos. Worse, yet, Victor may have legitimate claims to Vidalia’s estate – i.e., the bar.   However, the attorney does let Emma know that Victor’s past would not bode well for him in court. So, it looks like Lyn and Emma have the upper hand. For now, at least!


Mami Drama

After getting rear ended (both literally and figuratively).  Lyn and Rudy don’t exactly engage in any post coital talk but are on speaking terms.  Rudy inquires about about Vida’s latest event a “Queerciniera” for Marcos. Rudy offers up the centerpieces for Marcos birthday party. Lyn however would need to pick them up from his mother’s place. Lyn comes clean – she is scared of Mama Rudy which leads to a debate about the bar and its too non-traditional scene.

Despite her reluctance, Lyn goes to visit Rudy’s mother for the centerpieces when Ruby’s mother inquires about the party and quizzes Lyn and her role at the bar. It’s all straight up condescension and shade. With Rudy’s mother throwing barbs like “I think it’s a good thing for woman to entertain herself with work before marriage.” If that’s not bad enough upon catching Lyn in a white lie, tells her “admit when you don’t know something….emptiness makes the most noise.” Daaaaamn. It’s not going well for Lyn.


Los Vigilantes

Over on the other side of town Mari did the exact opposite of what Los Vigilantes wanted and posted the video she captured of the ICE incident. Los Vigilantes ain’t happy. Mari takes it to another deeper level with Yoli and calls her out on the ineffectiveness of Los Vigilantes and lays down her flag.  “I’m done.” She’s out of Los Vigilantes.  Leaving the scene behind her is a huge move given how tied Mari’s identity is to the group. This coupled with the death of her father is a tectonic shift for Mari! But perhaps can be better viewed as a coming of age. Mari seems to realize the truth and what really matters.  The bigger question though – what’s next for her?


The Past Doesn’t Frame the Future

Lyn pays a visit to Victor for some advice on how to get along with Rudy’s mother. Victor does offer some sage wisdom. “Don’t let your past define you. Be steady in your path and fearless.” As Lyn is returns to the bar, things however, get even worse. Her ex Juniper makes a return. But Lyn shuts him down with a quickness.  Lyn then meets Emma who confesses that she saw an attorney about Victor and any claims he may have against the building. Emma also looks to show Lyn the pictures. But, Lyn shuts Emma down too! Perhaps a sign of growth for Lyn, as she does so in an honest and adult manner. Lyn tells Emma that she loves her and is happy to have a relationship with her sister again. Lyn knows what Victor did, but she doesn’t need to see pictures. She’s starting from scratch with their father and she needs Emma to let her do that.



Marcos bash is underway in all its bacchanal glamour. With Nico dressed as Paul Stanley from Kiss; Lyn in a little drummer boy and Marcos dressed as the belle of the ball!  In a little prayer huddle before the evening Marcos pulls out a treat – shrooms!!!!  Of all the folks to partake it is Emma who eagerly downs a few.

Post drug huddle, Lyn and Marcos share a beautiful dance, before things break out into full blown Studio 54 circa 1977. As Emma starts to trip. Lyn spies her and comes to her aid. Emma declares she thinks she is pregnant!  To wit, Lyn asks, “are you for real pregnant or shrooms pregnant?”


Emma then takes Mamma Rudy’s bowl and smashes it. Sending Lyn into a rage.   To make matters worse, Juniper shows up to try and help. And drop some drug induced wisdom. As with Emma, Lyn is not having it.  She realizes she is in a good place, a way better one than anyone else in the room. “I’m building something here. And you showing up here, was a test. A test that I just passed.” Looks like Lyn is not letting the past frame her future.

After dismissing Juniper, Lyn surveys the room and sees everyone coming down of their drug induced highs, and the remnants of the hedonistic night strewn throughout the bar. Lyn appears to come to a similar realization as Mari – she’s done with the scene as well.

Just two more episodes left before the finale. Mari and Lyn are clearly on their way to more fulfilling lives. But many questions remain. Will Nico and Emma reconcile? What about Eddy? How will Victor play into all of this? Stay tuned for our recap of the penultimate episode of Vida next week.

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