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The Vida series finale opens with Mari doing what Mari does best. Making her “La Pinche Chinche” videos. This time she takes it to the corporations who support ICE. Meanwhile, across town Lyn is umm…. Servicing her constituent Councilmen Rudy. However, the Councilman’s sexual proclivities reach a breaking point for Lyn. Rudy’s repeated mentions of Momzilla during the deed followed by a request for a golden shower as a form of punishment, push Lyn to give Rudy his walking papers. And so, opens the Vida series finale.


At the bar Emma and Nico awaken after Emma’s horrible night. Emma thanks her for helping her through her ordeal. Further Emma accepts Nico needing to move on in order to complete her book. It looks like the two have truly reconciled. However, just as Emma seems to have reached some peace, she gets a call from her attorney.


Holy Roller

After the call Emma hightails it over to Victor’s parish to confront him. It seems Victor is making a move on the bar and building. Emma is not having it and calls him out in front of his parish. Emma also outs herself and Victor to the entire congregation. “La hija del pastor es marimacha. And the pastor is a deadbeat father who beats his wife.”

Victor gets riled up, but also gives as good as he gets. He summons his congregation and they surround Emma in some sort of holy roller, evil Walter Mercado attempted exorcism looking to cast out Emma’s homosexuality. It spooks Emma making her head for the doors. After Emma leaves, Lyn calls Victor out on his shady ways. “You were always coming after the bar”. To wit Victor responds, “by law that building is rightfully mine”.  Lyn then gives Papi Victor his walking papers as well.

Still shook from the encounter Emma walks the neighborhood, taking in all its imagery and culture. It’s a beautiful moment. We get to see the cultural core of East LA, Vida and perhaps Emma. As Emma finishes her walk, she finds herself across the street from the bar. She then pays a visit to Nelson and asks if his offer for the building is still valid. Nelson says they can work something out.


Mari & Johnny

Johnny shares with Mari he’s got his daughter for the day. Mari likes the way Johnny is stepping into and up to fatherhood. Mari also shares with Johnny is no longer with Los Vigilantes – she’s gone solo. She tells Johnny that she got DM’d by a content producer. Johnny takes a look and encourages her to pursue it. The two bond over removing their father’s horrible chair from the living room. As they complete the deed, Mari tells Johnny that she should be on the deed to the house. Johnny agrees. It’s touching to see these two characters who have certainly had their differences over the course of the series reconcile their relationship.

 Mari follows Johnny’s advice and connects with the content producer. It looks like the company wants to hire Mari to keep doing what she’s already doing – making her “La Pinche Chinche” videos. The company is promising her complete creative control. “Rome is burning Mari and your made for the flames”. Go Mari, looks like she’s getting her happy ending.


Eddy & the Drag King

The Drag King member, Monica who donned up as Antonio Banderas in last week’s episode returns to the bar. She has Eddy in her sights and brings her burritos for a surprise lunch.

Eddy is smitten as well as they engage over the merits of burritos and tacos. Later in the evening Monica makes a move. Eddy fesses up that she likes Monica, but she’s a widower and she’s still in love Vidalia. Monica understands and takes the news well. Another tender moment and nice way to complete Eddy’s story arc.


Lyn & Johnny

Lyn gets over to the bar and apologizes to Emma and lets her know she cut ties with Victor. To wit Emma presents Lyn with an offer to sell the bar, received from Nelson and company. According to Emma “this sister experiment where we band together and lift it from the ashes was never going to work”.  Not knowing where else to turn Lyn goes to see Johnny and downloads everything. For Lyn it’s the end of her world. Johnny comforts her and the two soon get hot and heavy. Ironically, enough Lyn puts a halt to it. Saying she wants him, but it has to be the right way. Johnny agrees. These two have circled each other “on and off” for the entire run of the series. They acknowledge their love for one another. But also acknowledge they have to start acting like adults. Finally!


Las Hermanas Hernandez

As Lyn returns to the building she comes upon Dona Lupe. Dona Lupe noticing Lyn in a haze comforts Lyn, but also tells her some truth about Victor, Vidalia and Emma’s exile to Texas. It appears when Emma was a child Victor caught her playing “house” with the neighbor girl next door. A wild fight with Vidalia ensued where Victor roughed up Vidalia. To protect Emma from the same, Vidalia sent Emma to her abuela in Texas. All the while Emma thought Vidalia simply did not love her. This is a huge blind spot to Emma’s’ life, which takes the demonization off of Vidalia.  Dona Lupe tells Lyn, “remember I told you a big love is and will always be here. Your love is downstairs. Fight for it.”

While Emma is having a smoke outside, Nico makes an offer. For Emma to come with her. Emma is open to it. When Lyn comes on the scene. Lyn wants to talk. Emma wants her to sign the offer letter. But Lyn is in hot pursuit, Emma calls Lyn out on being a no show for weeks “I’m done catching you Lyn”.  Lyn fesses up to her faults and tells Emma what she learned from Dona Lupe. It’s eye opening moment for Emma. In a last-ditch effort Lyn lets it all hang out. “Please don’t give up on me. You’re the only one that’s never given up on me…Your all I have.”

As Lyn finishes her plea, Emma spies a couple of drunk guys outside the bar.  She turns and walks toward the bar, but then turns back to Lyn, and simply says “You coming”.

And so, ends Vida.


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