‘LL: What’s a total turn off?
VC: Nagging. Constantly asking me where I am or what I’m doing. I will get back to you. No need to blow me up.

‘LL: What’s your biggest turn on?
VC: When someone makes me happy; like inviting me over to have some great food. Let’s sit down and watch Star Wars, cuddle and chill. I like people who are comfortable in their own skin.

‘LL: What’s your ideal first date?
VC: As long as you put some thought into it and think I’ll be in to it, like going on an adventure or sightseeing, I’m game. It wouldn’t be something that has a price tag.

‘LL: What’s your ideal man like?
VC: Someone I’m attracted to… but I’ll leave it open. I’m not restricted to a certain type of guy. If we get along, he has a good sense of humor and I can be myself around him, that’s what I’m interested in.

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‘LL: What would a guy be surprised to know about you?
VC: I love video games! I’ve been a junkie since I was a kid. I am a complete gamer. I sprained my wrist for playing five days straight once.

‘LL: Favorite body part on a guy?
VC: I love a nice smile. I think a smile is the best accessory a man can have.

‘LL: What do you feel sexiest wearing?
VC: Boy shorts and a tank top. That’s what I feel good in.

‘LL: What’s your favorite thing about Latino men? Least favorite?
VC: Latino men are really suave, real smooth. They have mad game. I appreciate that. At the same time I’m like, ‘What’s going on here?’ It’s kind of a double edge sword.

‘LL: What’s your definition of a ‘LLERO?
VC: Someone who is a little bit old fashioned. It pains me to say that. Modern day men should be affectionate, kind, concerned. Show someone that you appreciate her. It will do wonders for your relationship.



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