Valentine’s Day is only days away and most men haven’t a clue what to get their amantes. If you watch carefully, you can see these confused hombres roaming the holiday aisle at Rite Aid, scratching their heads as they pick up a teddy bear and a Hallmark card. To complicate matters, what’s the “right” gift for Valentine’s Day when your relationship is new or barely established? Well, I’m here to help that way your Valentine doesn’t shoot you in the heart with a poisonous arrow.

A Few Dates In

You met her a week before Valentine’s Day and are enjoying her company thus far. But should you buy her a gift? It all depends on whether there’s real romantic potential. Let’s say this is just about sex. Then, there’s really no gift needed. However, if you really like her, buy her a little something. And I do mean little. Stay away from gifts that scream, “I love you!” or as Gabriela Gimenez, a massage therapist from Queens, New York said “something that represents a long ass commitment!” That means nothing in a Tiffany blue box. What’s permissible? Something below a $5 price point. Try a Valentine’s Day card. It’s simple yet thoughtful. Just make sure it has a neutral Valentine’s Day message.

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Dating But Not Exclusive

You like her but maybe you’re still “in like” and are dating other women. Or you aren’t ready to settle down, hence your non-exclusive involvement. Should you get her a gift? If you’ve been dating for months, I say go for it. Even if you’re not exclusive, most women want a token of love on Valentine’s Day even if your token is more of a “like.” Try getting a generic gift. Buy her a box of chocolates from a pharmacy or a few flowers from the mercado. In total, this shouldn’t cost you more than $30. The trick is to not go overboard. Don’t give her anything that will lead her to believe she is your girlfriend. Unless, of course, that’s the message you want to deliver.

Red roses and chocolate candy

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