February 28, 2024
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Somehow, some way, we made it to 2021. Last year, we canvassed the most guy-worthy movies to see. But for obvious reasons cinema was put on hold.  2021 holds the promise of a return to movies as we know them – in movie houses, but also same day releases straight to our homes.  So, as we’ve done in years past, we curated the most anticipated films of the year. Movies in 2021 look to have stories that run the gamut. Action, comedy, throwback nostalgia and above all some stories that speak la cultura.  Check em’ out here.


Coming 2 America

Originally slated for a December 2020 release, the Eddie Murphy sequel was pushed back to March of 2021. It will premiere on Amazon Prime.  As to that nostalgia we mentioned. Well, three decades after Prince Akeem found and married his princess in America, he returns. 

As he is about to ascend to King of Zamunda Akeem learns he has a long-lost son in the United States and must return to America to meet the unlikely heir to the throne of Zamunda. Eddie Murphy is back as Akeem and, more impressively, the majority of the cast from the original, including Arsenio Hall, Shari Headly, John Amos and James Earl Jones return, with some impressive additions in the form of Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan and Wesley Snipes.

Many Saints of Newark

Okay Sopranos fans. This is the movie you’ve been waiting for. While things don’t pick up exactly where they left off. (Which simply is not possible given the passing of James Gandolfini). We instead get a prequel, showing the formative days of how Tony Soprano and his crew rose through the ranks of the New Jersey mob scene. Written by series creator David Chase the film also stars Gandolfini’s real life son Michael Gandolfini and the original Goodfella himself Ray Liotta.


The film stars Jared Leto in the titular role. Morbius: The Living Vampire is a lesser-known character in the MCU, but a great story, nonetheless. The film looks to be the origin tale of biochemist Michael Morbius. As he tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead. From the looks of the trailer it is a faithful rendition. Jared Leto looks perfect in the role. Fans of the MCU may also be pleased to see some world building going on. The trailer contains obvious and not so obvious Spider-Man Easter eggs. 



No Time to Die

Bond is back. He tried to come back in 2020, but was shelved twice, first in April and then November. This marks the 25th outing in the franchise and the last for Daniel Craig. After five flicks he’s pushing the martini glass back to the bartender. The action, the wardrobe, the one liners and femme fatales all look like vintage Bond. At this stage of the game the character is like an old friend for Daniel Craig. Yet, this time out the villain is played by Rami Malek – also vintage Bond.  One nice twist. It appears this go around another 007 agent is on the scene since Bond’s last outing.


A Quiet Place Part II

Initially slated for release in March 2020, the sequel was one of the first films to fall victim to the pandemic. Now set to release in April. The first film was a sleeper hit so you know a sequel would follow. Looks like this go around we will delve into the events that created the setting for the first film, so flashbacks and time jumps are in generous use. John Krasinski once again wrote the script and is behind the director’s chair. Emily Blunt returns as the Abbot family matriarch. So, the elements look promising.


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