When it comes to women, few men have game on smash like James Bond (Luis Miguel is a close second, but that’s another story). After all, the man has been on point for 50 years now. Yet it’s not so much about him putting up Wilt Chamberlain numbers when it comes to the opposite sex as it is about how he plays the game. But don’t get it confused, getting women isn’t a sport to the British spy; it’s a way of life. Here are a few things you can learn from 007 when it comes to women.

1. Never discriminate

Some men are real picky when it comes to the ethnicity, religion or even the political views of the women they decide to have relations with and in doing so lose out on meeting some pretty interesting women. Mr. Bond has no such reserves. His condoms are embodied with the United Nations emblem. The man even had a woman whose skin was painted gold. Some guys won’t look at a woman if her skin tone is light bronze. Men have to think outside the box in order to become familiar with different kinds of boxes. Think of it like this, every woman alive is an unexplored country and men have a duty, no an obligation, to become familiar with as much of the world as possible.

Gold woman laying on bed

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