Constantly being on top of your game in every way usually means in part that you have to keep up with the latest trends and styles that are being released onto the market and in the media.</h3> There’s so many different things to consider, it’s easy to lose track and become the a little old school and somewhat behind with the times. However, this guide will let you in on the all of the essentials that you need to know in order to help you be the center of attention wherever you go. There’s no feeling quite like that of making a worthwhile purchase that can change and update your whole look and vibe, so follow these tips to get started and discover this year’s latest and greatest releases.

How To Identify Trends

In order to stay up to date, you have to commit yourself initially to do some research. The best place to start is on the various social media platforms, as there are so many luxury lifestyle profiles and pages that you can follow to see what the most popular icons of today are buying. By doing a quick search online, you can find blogs dedicated to providing you with what the latest styles are and where to purchase them. You can also sign up to get updates via email, so that even when you’re on the go you can receive important news straight to your inbox. Even by flicking through a magazine you’ll be able to see what the stars of today are getting up to, and then figure the rest out on your own.

The Latest Fashion

Different styles of clothes and shoes go in and out of the limelight almost by the week. Fast fashion means that new lines are released in almost the same time, but these are most definitely not what you should focus on. Check out Fashion Week reviews of attendees and designers, and follow the pages of the greatest personal stylists to get the latest tips and tricks. A great way to identify your own personal likes and dislikes is to go out to your local shopping centre without your credit card or any cash, and try on some different outfits to photograph and view later. This way, you can see what’s hot and on offer right now, that suits your wants and needs without splashing out on impulse buys. You can then research around and see whether there are any better versions of the pieces you have chosen by different brands or designers that you like even more, and them commit to purchasing. Designers release new scents every few months, so be sure to identify the best of this years summer season to ensure you smell as fresh as you look.

Car Of The Year

It’s alright being dressed head to toe in the latest style, but if you’re hopping on the bus the whole facade will wear away. New cars are released so regularly that one you bought last year may have decreased in value by thousands. Updating your vehicle is a right of passage at the end of a successful 12 months of hard work, and it’s pretty easy to find the best car deals on today’s market with a little research. Cruising around in the latest and greatest car will have you feeling on top of the world, and you can show off your style even when driving to the supermarket. Don’t forget to purchase insurance, especially if you spend a little more on a better car as you may have a lot to lose.

Technology & Entertainment

With technology progressing by the second, keeping up with every new release is a difficult task. Every month see’s hundreds of contemporary electronics, like sound systems, smartphones and TV’s that use artificial intelligence. There are some great subscription magazines that allow you to stay up to date with the most important creations of the moment, and the positives and negatives of their aesthetics and systems. This information will help you to make a decision on what you truly want to invest in that serve a purpose as well as helping you to look the part, like wireless headphones and watches that allow you to pay contactlessly without even having your card.  

Vacation Destinations

When you feel like you deserve a break, it might be time to book yourself a vacation in this year’s most popular destination. Celebrities tend to set the location for the moments hottest holiday’s, so be sure to keep your eyes on paparazzi and VIP news to identify where they’re headed to next. Airport websites will have information about the most prominent countries and cities of the time, and direct you to deals and flights so you can get booking straight away. Consider what vibe you’re looking for and plan your trip accordingly, as there’s no point booking a vacation you won’t even enjoy just to get some more snaps for your social media. Take advantage of whatever the location you choose has to offer, like quad biking and extreme water sports to slip some adrenaline into your stay. Look for what clubs and bars you can visit beforehand and figure out which parties you plan to attend so you can pack your bag accordingly.

Hopefully this guide will assist you in becoming a man of the times, along with a little research and planning. At the end of the day it’s up to you what you like and what you don’t, so if you’re not down with anything that’s on the market right now, just don’t make a purchase. Next month is bound to bring a whole new wardrobe of styles, a range of high tech cars and a new favourite vacation spot. Staying on top of this year’s trends doesn’t have to be hard, just have a scroll through some popular luxury lifestyle social media profiles and sign up to some related blogs online to be on top of your game every single day.

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