September 28, 2021

“If he asks me what my fantasies are or asks what I like in bed. I like to know that it turns him on to turn me on.”
– Melissa, 29, Atlanta

“Lots of eye contact and a generous smile helps.”
– Annie, 34, Baltimore

“I love it if he shares something special about himself. I had a guy that played guitar for me and that made me jump his bones.”
– Paige, 23, Orlando

“Something a man can do to get me really going is teasing me up to it. There was one point, the guy I was seeing told me what toys he was planning on using. He’d tell me the pieces of his plans without telling me his plans. That did the trick.”
– Madison, 22, Asheville

“This guy rubbed the skin of my inner thigh while I was driving. Kept his eyes forward but smiled the whole time. Just rubbing the inner skin of my thigh. The whole (25 minute) drive. OMG!!”
– Michelle, 30, Santa Fe

“Don’t be pushy. Be patient, [for] women sex is like a cake in the oven. If you open the door too soon, no cake for you!”
– Jennifer, 32, San Jose

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About The Author

Referred to as the “Naughty Dear Abby,” Lora Somoza is a sex educator, advice columnist and the host of the weekly podcast, "Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza." ( She is a contributor to Cosmopolitan and Latina Magazine, among others. She has been has been noted sexpert on The Playboy Channel, KABC Los Angeles, KBPI Denver, and The Naughty Show. She has also been a frequent guest on The Dr. Drew Show on HLN.

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