September 28, 2021

“Yeah, it’s great to have a six pack, but that chiseled, lower ab V-Cut? Holy shit, that’s hot.”
Maria, 29, Nashville

“Watch for non-verbal clues, sex is largely non-verbal so if he reads my signals well, there’s a good chance that will happen when things become juicy.”
– Stephanie, 36, Princeton

“Be a fucking good kisser, good lord if that’s not there, neither am I.”
– Isabella, 29, Miami

“A man’s casual, easy confidence, and focus on me peaks my interest in having sex with him.”
– Lynn, 42, Houston

“Being able to carry on a good conversation with someone is a turn on. If I go on a date, and the guy has nothing to talk about or can’t carry on a conversation it’s a huge turn off for me. Sure he may be good-looking but I need more than that.”
– Sienna Sinclair, 26, Hollywood



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About The Author

Referred to as the “Naughty Dear Abby,” Lora Somoza is a sex educator, advice columnist and the host of the weekly podcast, "Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza." ( She is a contributor to Cosmopolitan and Latina Magazine, among others. She has been has been noted sexpert on The Playboy Channel, KABC Los Angeles, KBPI Denver, and The Naughty Show. She has also been a frequent guest on The Dr. Drew Show on HLN.

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