Tell me lies, sweet little lies.

As the lies, sex and more lies build up, we all wonder when this mountain of basura will come crumbling down. Let’s dig into what went down in Power’s new episode, “Are We On the Same Team?”


Family Matters

As the trifecta of Ghost, Kanan and Tommy try to decide on who to kill first-Dre or the Jimenez clan-Kanan drops the the gem that 2-Bit is beefing with Dre. So now the crew sees the crack in the “Teflon Dre” armor. As this goes on, Tommy is having a problem keeping his money clean and asks Ghost to go back to laundering the money back through Truth, but Ghost is reluctant. Later Tommy gets a call from “Daddy Dearest” telling his baby boy that daddy is coming home. Tommy, like everyone else, is suspicious of how this happening for a guy with a life sentence. As Tommy asks everyone from Keshia to Kanan for advice, we find out that Teresi has been playing chess while everyone was playing checkers. He has been plotting on Tommys’ want for a Dad to help him use that to get him out… DAMN TOMMY! I don’t know who is worse–your Dad or your Mom? I have two words for you–Family Therapist!


Who’s The Boss?

As Dre and crew are unpacking the new product from the Jimenez group, Diego makes a surprise visit to the troops. Diego gets a special gleam in his eye for Arturo and his handling of the Toros problem with the in-fighting. This gets 2-Bit all in his feelings like Drake (“Dre Dre do you love me??”) because Arturo was given all the credit. Later we find Diego, Dre and Arturo in a warehouse with a couple of Toros that didn’t get down with the new program. So as you can imagine that was the end of them. After ending there lives, Diego pulls Dre aside and strongly suggests that Cristobal becomes his #2. Don’t you hate it when your boss micro manages your work?


Sweet Little Lies

After a morning visit from a Detective about Reina’s murder after the press conference, Tariq lies again about the events of that night. If you notice, he’s getting good about doing that. Angela and Tasha meet up again for the driest brunch ever to once again talk about how they need to bury the connection of the murder even deeper. Angela decided to take the investigation out of the hands of Det. Blanca Rodriguez by seizing her files for herself. Let’s be real though, we all know that ain’t going to stop her. Later we see Tasha trying to visit Tommy to talk about Ghost and his actions when she runs into Kanan. This intense meeting really shows us why Tasha is a MOFO BOSSS! She didn’t back down or show weakness (Kanan has poked the MAMA BEAR!). Angela continues to avoid Ghosts’ calls while getting cozy with Agent Tampio (seriously, stop dating guys on the job). Tasha takes Tariq to his new private school and they finally have a heart to heart, where he finally tells Tasha the truth about what had happened the night of Reina’s murder. All the tears just happened. While all this is happening, Ghost along with Tate, are still trying to raise money for their project. As they are talking to an investor, their big egos bump heads. This later causes Ghost having to lay down the “Magic Stick” to keep the deal alive. DAMN! Ghost is getting pimped out!

A lot of drama is brewing. Better get your popcorn ready and watch how it all goes down. I’ll be here waiting in the wings to give you the play by play.

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