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Are the successful lucky, or the lucky successful?

During an exit interview my supervisor, an Ivy league educated Latina, asked me why two inner city kids like us succeeded when so many of our counterparts, with near identical circumstances, did not. My answer -- I made the decision to be successful. People...

Say No At Work…And Get Ahead

Tword no, it's such a simple word that often escapes our lips without much thought. But using it on the job could mean the difference between a promotion and a pink slip. Read on to learn when is the right time to use this word in the office. Contrary to po...

The “New” Internship – Not Just for Students Anymore

So you think the scenario played out in the new Robert DeNiro film The Intern is just Hollywood poking fun at the workplace? Think again. Let’s face it: The economic meltdown is still impacting the employment landscape for everyone. Part of that change inclu...

Felipe Smith – The Marvel Artist Putting Pen to Pulp

Before Michael B. Jordan stirred up controversy for his portrayal of the, otherwise Caucasian, superhero known as Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch) in the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four, Marvel writers, artists and editors were already making strides...

Decoding Casual Friday

For many men the end of the work week is a time to loosen the chokehold of the suit-and-tie and head into the office in comfort. Casual Fridays however, are not exactly a sartorial free-for-all and abusing this company privilege can damage your career. Human R...

The Art of the Follow Up

The old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” What the adage doesn’t include, however, is the important part about how to work the contact! Expanding your network is only one part of the relationship building process. Step two, the art of th...

Kellvin Chavez of ‘Latino-Review’

If you’re a fan of film or participant in fan boy culture odds are you have come across Latino-Review.com in some form or fashion. What started out, as a small movie fan site has become an authority in the worlds of film and journalism serving as a source ...

Corporate Slang & What It Really Means

If you’ve ever worked in an office or sat in a corporate meeting then you know how painful they can sometimes be, especially the double speak. You’re sitting around a table listening to and repeating terms like “cylo-busting,” “taking a deeper dive” and “let’s...
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