Work-related stress is almost painfully common. How do you know if you’ve got it? Well, here’s a quick test: 

Do you work? Yes? Then you’ve got work-related stress! 

Okay, that’s a bit of a generalization, but the majority of people are stressed because of their jobs. We get put through a lot every day, and it weighs on us when we get home. So, figuring out how to get rid of this stress is key. One idea is to take up a hobby that helps bring your mind away from the stresses of work. Here are two that you might find suitable: 



This is a bit of an old-school hobby. It’s something you usually see middle-aged men doing, but age isn’t the only thing these men have in common. Tell me, have you ever seen someone fishing and thought; wow, they look stressed? 

It rarely happens because fishing is such a relaxing hobby to undertake. You find a nice stretch of water – sometimes you can even paddle a little boat out onto a lake – and you just sit there for hours. You can relax, enjoy the fresh air and weather, it’s beautiful. If you wear a fitness tracker, then I almost guarantee your heart rate will decrease while you’re fishing. 

Sure, you get the thrill of reeling in a catch, and that just adds to the enjoyment! It’s a hobby that’s both relaxing and exciting; the perfect tonic for work-related stress. 




Boxing is the perfect hobby for people who have so much pent up anger and frustration, thanks to their job. We’ve all been in this situation before; you’re working your backside off, but your supervisors are still demanding more, or they’re nitpicking everything that you do. They’re putting lots of pressure on you, which leads to loads of work-related stress. 

So, boxing is an excellent way of getting rid of all these pent up emotions that are leading to lots of stress. It’s a chance for you to just let out your rage and hit something – without worrying about getting hit back, or being fired from your job. I’m not saying that you take up boxing and start entering fights. You can if you want, but I’m talking more about boxing for fitness. Head to your local gym, put on some gloves, then spend half an hour or so hitting the heavy bag. 

You could get boxing lessons as well and hit pads with a trainer, but maybe avoid the full-contact part! Every session will help you melt your stress away and give you an outlet to control all of your work-related frustrations. 

Ideally, you want to address the cause of your work-related stress, or it will never truly leave you. But, while you explore ways to do that, you should take up either of these hobbies. Fishing is the ultimate relaxation hobby where you can drift off and let the hours pass you by. Boxing is ideal if you feel very frustrated at work and need an emotional release. Either way, they’ll both help you deal with your stress. 

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