February 22, 2024

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AI is advancing at the speed of light. So fast, in fact, that it has scared many people and changed the way companies operate forever. There are many advantages to using AI, especially for businesses.

However, one of the biggest worries for individuals is the idea that AI could replace many jobs in the future. It’s inevitable that AI will change the job market but if you always stay one step ahead, you won’t have to worry. Here are some of the jobs that AI will have an uphill battle to take from you.


Teachers have a key role in the lives of their students. Most people end up studying for at least the first twenty years of their lives and teachers are needed through all of those learning stages. Although you can access learning material online, teaching it is entirely different.

Being a teacher allows you to adapt learning techniques to suit each student. This very much depends on being able to understand a student’s character. This is something that right now artificial intelligence cannot do.



Counseling or psychiatry roles will never be able to be taken over by artificial intelligence. These roles require emotional intelligence that artificial intelligence can never possess. A counselor must be empathetic and understand the hurt that a person has or is experiencing.

Human interaction is essential for this role because counselors need experience of what it is to be human. In addition to being a well paid role, the role of a counselor is certainly safe for the foreseeable future.


Spiritual Leader

Similarly to the role of counselor, being a spiritual leader requires human connection. Faith has always been a part of the human journey and that is unlikely to change. Understanding human nature is a huge part of leading people spiritually.

Artificial intelligence  will never be able to advise people spiritually in the same way that a human can. It requires emotion and compassion which are two traits AI cannot copy.


Cyber Security

Who is going to keep AI in check? You are. Cyber security is a vital part of managing some of the downsides to AI. Although AI is likely to be capable of cyber security as it advances, it will always take a human eye to spot new threats.

One of the arguments currently involved in the uprising of AI is the regulation of AI training AI. This is especially true when it comes to cyber security which is why so many people are choosing to train in cyber security at https://www.asditacademy.com/cyber-security-training-in-maryland.



Auto-tune and Drake knock off’s aside.  AI can’t sing, especially live at a concert. There’s a certain amount of emotion that goes into singing a song that people connect with. In addition, people connect with the singer.

Many fans of singers all over the world buy tickets to concerts because they want to make a human connection with their favorite singers. Singers may even benefit from using AI themselves to write lyrics or even conduct whole orchestras to back them.



While many may wish that AI replaces politicians – hey light bulb moment for any developer out there. AI faces an uphill battle here. Because politicians are meant to be a voice for the people who voted for them. Although politicians may get a bad reputation at times, they are good at presenting solutions to unprecedented problems. The best example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world and forced politicians to make quick decisions.

Not all of these decisions were made well but they were done with the best intentions for everyone. Would AI be able to represent human needs as well as politicians? This is unlikely.

CEOs and Directors

Similar to above. Would be nice to see a CEO subject to a layoff. But right now, AI is ideal for filling employment gaps and allowing companies to run smoothly. For example, AI is ideal for basic communication and administration tasks. AI can also create content that helps to drive businesses forward.

What AI can’t do is make decisions. As a CEO or director of a company, the final word will always fall with you. AI can only do what it’s programmed to do; it can’t pave the way for anything new.



Again, AI can’t make decisions. Being a judge requires knowledge of crimes, punishments, and human nature. A judge can decide how long a sentence should be and if there should be any leniency based on the evidence.

A judge can also study human behavior to gauge whether the accused has any remorse. This would be extremely difficult for AI to do. For the foreseeable future, most jobs in law are completely safe.

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