Episode 7 of Mayan’s M.C. “Tohil” diverts from the cartel-rebel-Potter storyline this week and deals with issues closer to home. We open with EZ carrying the weight of his accidental murder of the city clerk and the police discovering the body. Seems like EZ got creative and staged it to look like the debt-ridden clerk committed suicide.

Over at the Galindo’s Miguel and Dita observe a nervous Emily texting furiously and are suspicious of her actions. While at the MC, Angel is still struggling with Adelita’s predicament. Finally, we revisit a story line from Season One with Coco and his daughter Letty reconnecting over breakfast. The father-daughter bonding is short lived as Coco discovers Letty’s friend Gabriela in the kitchen. Letty was attempting to help her family cross the border. They are now being held captive by the coyotes that helped them cross. They ask Coco for help, and so, begins “Tohil”.


Father Knows Best

Angel swings by to pay EZ and Felipe a visit. Still clearly shook by the Adelita scenario, in a great scene, Angel and Felipe share an awkward yet tender heart to heart. In an effort to share his news Angel inquires about his own birth and how Felipe felt about it. He then up and confesses to Felipe he too is going to be a father. But it doesn’t stop there. Angel tells Felipe the whole story, that the mother is Adelita and she’s being held captive by Potter.

Felipe shares some news of own. Revealing he knows Adelita because she attempted to kill him. Felipe was partners with Adelita’s father back in the day, they were both on Galindo’s payroll. She thought Felipe responsible for his death. Incorrectly of course, as that man has since died. Felipe left the life when Angel’s mother was pregnant with him. In a touching moment, Felipe tells Angel, he can tell he loves Adelita, he can also tell he is going to be a good father. Felipe advises Angel that he can get her back – that Potter has weaknesses and he can be brought down.


Vatos Malditos

CoCo brings Gabriela’s problem to the club table. Bishop correctly inquires why is this club business? Apparently, the captors of Gabriela’s family are an MC from Tijuana – Vatos Malditos – and they are operating outside their jurisdiction without permission. A big no-no in club culture. The MC’s got no respect for the Vatos so they consider it Mayans MC business now! First and only order of business – clean this up. 

The boys head to Dogwood on recon and track the house where the Vatos are held up.  EZ spies a delivery truck and realizes that such a large group being held captive require food deliveries.  “Got no Post Mates, Door dash in this hood?” Coco colorfully asks. They manage to track the address from a Chinese food spot. As they raid the safehouse a customary Sutter shootout ensues, they Mayans find more than they bargained for as the coyotes have migrants held captive. This show is great about making not so subtle political statements, and this discovery is yet another great illustration.

The Mayans discover Gabriela’s family were moved to the cages for failure pay the ransom. So, further south they head in pursuit of Gabriela’s family.

Across town, Miguel and Emily are called into the city planning department to discuss the murder of the county clerk. It is revealed the clerk admitted to receiving bribes for the land deal, so by default Emily’s bid wins. Despite Emily’s assurances, Miguel knows somethings up and begins to have her tailed.


Missions Accomplished

The MC tracks down the cages. Before raiding the joint Bishop gets quite poetic, telling EZ and Angel “what lets me look in the mirror, this piece of leather, we have to serve something greater.” They then proceed to bust open the place, but the Vatos are looking to set the migrants ablaze to escape. The Mayans manage to free the migrants before they are literally burned alive. Gabriela and her family are reunited. Coco and Letty look upon the scene and realize they too have family to appreciate. She calls him dad, they both laugh, knowing that’s not a fit, when she simply tells him, “love you Coco.” 

Emily in a clandestine manner, meets up with EZ and when he reveals what truly happened to the clerk. And the realization finally hits Emily…which is summarized in her own words when she says, “someone is dead because of me.”  Emily got her win, but she got dirty to do it.

The season thus far has been dominated by the bigger cartel-rebels-Department of Justice story line. So “Tohil” tending to certain of the subplots is a nice departure and allows other characters to further develop. But you know it’s only a matter of time before the rebels and Potter & Co. are back. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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