Mayans Episode 5  opens with the mercenaries holding Adelita captive – in a cage no less. A not so subtle hint about the immigration policies on this side of the border. Upon realizing this Potter goes loses it.  He assures Adelita she will be moved to a proper Federal facility until she gives birth. Then she will be interrogated, where they will want to know “all” – and they will use her child for leverage. Over at the Galindo’s a guilt-ridden Miguel confesses to Emily how it all went down. Too guilt ridden perhaps because Emily is super jealous. Way to go Emily, always thinking of others first! Miguel talks her down, assuring her, he’s just got mad respect for the vigilance to her cause. Over at the MC, the brother Reyes return, to a not so happy Bishop over the Swole Boys drama last week, Felipe also arrives, when word comes down about Adelita – Angel breaks down in Felipe’s arms. And so begins “Xquic”.

Rescue Mission

The MC and the Galindo Cartel team up to get Adelita back.  They know that Potter will organize a move from Mexico to the United States for Adelita to be questioned and tortured in American soil. Yet, the crew realize Potter may be on to them. The reason – Potter’s sudden request for Miguel Galindo’s presence, perhaps a trick to bring the alliance to the surface.  The MC and Miguel meet with politician Monserrat Palomo to strategize.

Over at the MC, EZ, Angel and Felipe share a nice moment together over beers. It’s a quiet respite from all the madness. Felipe apologizes to Angel for not being as present as she have during his childhood. The father and son reconcile. When enters Chucky, “I’m very relieved to see your familial ties once again tightly bound.” A nice comedic touch in a show not plentiful on laughs.

Cat and Mouse and Mouse

Over at the warehouse the MC and Cartel, deduct that Potter will look to send out Adelita decoys. To divert attention away from when they actually transport Adelita. They narrow down Adelita’s whereabouts based on intel from Palomo and also get locked and loaded. When Angel is relegated to comms (i.e., benched) for the Swole Boys drama in Stockton he erupts in the worst way. With Bishop and he literally coming to blows and Bishop getting the best of it when Angel confesses – he is the father of Adelita’s unborn child, he confesses the entire story. This mission just took on whole new meaning for the MC.

The crew narrow down a location and conduct some recon before moving. Cue to Potter and company, who request the presence of Galindo – in Potter’s words he’s curious to see if Miguel “blinks”.  In plain English, to see if Miguel has divulged the whereabouts of Adelita to anyone. We get another enigma in a riddle conversation between Potter and Miguel.  The exchange is probably the best of the series. To which Galindo gets the better of it, by cutting to the chase in a most Potter like way. Potter is begrudgingly impressed. He admits “I can’t read him. I don’t like that”, so Potter reverts to a fallback plan. What that is, is anyone’s guess?

Cue to EZ and Angel back at HQ location. EZ tells Angel “You’re going to be a good father bro.” Angel breaks down again, fearing the worst. EZ being the wise little brother, tells him, the way he confronted Bishop, handled himself since. Clearly, he puts family first. People talk a good game about family, but Angel is walking the walk.

Just then, the MC spots the second decoy. Believing it to be Adelita, they make their move. Yet, the pregnant woman in the truck is not Adelita. When her water breaks and is about to give birth while being transported her identity is revealed. So, the MC pulls back just in the nick of  time. They figure out Adelita’s location and are in pursuit.

Angel & Adelita or Romeo & Juliet?

Cue to Potter, quite literally cutting a whole in the wall separating the border – another nice dig at the current political climate – awaiting Adelita’s arrival.  She is finally located by the MC. They take down the car and rescue Adelita. Yet, when Angel goes to retrieve her, she refuses to go.  Adelita tells Angel if she leaves, Potter will only continue to hunt Galindo, Palomo and the rebels. However, if she remains the rebels have a chance to succeed. Angel is gut wrenched but falls back, leaving the fate of Adelita and their unborn child unknown.

This ending shows that Sutter and company don’t need to blow stuff up to have an impact. The final scene did more damage than most episodes.  What will happen next week? What will become of Adelita now that Potter is on to some sort of alliance? Will Felipe and Dita’s secret be revealed? Will Emily continue to side eye Adelita? Tune in next week to find out.

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