Episode 4 of Mayans M.C. opens right where we last left off – Angel and EZ holding Happy at gunpoint. Angel asks Happy “Don’t you want to know who we are,” to wit Happy ominously replies “It doesn’t matter cause when this is over, either I’m dead or you’re dead”.  EZ goes on to recount the night of his mother’s murder and how he remembered every detail of it,  “I know you’re the one who killed our mother” after which Angel pistol whips Happy. So opens “Lahun Chan”.


Opening Salvo

Angel and EZ continue the Happy beat down. Giving him the 411 on his nomad history. But what they want to know is who ordered the hit. Happy holds it down, but Angel puts the pressure on in the form of a burnt cigarette in an open flesh wound.

Over in cartel land Miguel and Adelita are headed south, destination however, is unknown. During the trip they try and breakdown Potter’s motives.  Miguel nails it, Potter is tough to read, with “all the intellectual enigma bullshit” but he wants to put down the rebellion and Adelita is the symbolic prize.

Over at the MC, as they head back home they also encounter the Ken & Barbie crew from last week. Yeah, this can’t be good. The rival crew starts its pursuit and we’ve got a good motor bike race. Riz goes down in the melee, but the back up van is riding shotgun – literally as they pump lead into the tires of the motorbike crew and the MC prevails. Still questions abound, why the beef?

The Interrogation

Over at Happy’s when Angel finds out EZ knows about Felipe’s history and kept it close to the vest fistacuffs ensue. They manage to settle their beef, when Angel confesses his inferiority complex due to their parent’s treatment. Happy intervenes “poor little Angel, nobody loved him”.

Angel doesn’t take to kind to it. He identifies the smiley face tattoo’s on Happy’s body, each represent a kill. EZ asks which one is for their mother? Angel proceeds to cut one off of Happy. Yeah, easy to see Happy should have shut the f—k up. But Happy remains strong not giving up a name. Angel and EZ are at their wits end when EZ makes one final plea. Happy remains resilient until Angel inadvertently identifies a weakness – Happy’s dog Opie. When Angel threatens ungodly harm on the dog, Happy breaks. He reveals he was supposed to kill both of their parents. That the job came in through Packer in San Bernardino. Happy indicates their mother wasn’t surprised. He told them he’s killed a lot of people. Some can feel the inevitability. She did.  Happy actually  thought EZ was clean up guy sent by the cartel since he didn’t finish the job. Happy finishes by saying “if someone killed my mom. I’d put a bullet between their head”.

Galindo and Adelita bond on their way to the rendezvous. Adelita breaks Miguel and his history down like a rubic’s cube. Of which Miguel is not too receptive. Alvarez give them a heads up that still have an hour to drop off point which is Palomo’s. At least we know where they are headed. Cue to the mercenaries – there baaccck. Looks like they also know due to the trackers they planted on the MC and Galindo when they were hunting for Mini. The mercs are in pursuit!

A Novela If There Ever Was One

After Dita strong arms her therapist, she and Felipe meet up once more. Dita gets right to it Miguel Galindo is Felipe’s son. Felipe asks does anyone know. Dita replies “no, and no one ever will”. Whaaaaat. Things just got waaaay more complicated.

The Sons and Mayans pay a visit to the gym of the Ken & Barbie gang and find out Angel and EZ had some beef a few days earlier. Upon learning this Bishop falls back, but not before putting a bullet in one the juice heads legs. Tit for tat as they say.

Angel and EZ are about to wrap with Happy when one of his brothers come knocking.  Miraculously, the Prospect enters to Happy, Angel and EZ sitting on the couch. He goes along in exchange for is life.  Once the prospect splits, he says once he gets information on Packer they are clean.  That worked out.

Down in Mexico, the mercs track Miguel and Adelita. They split up and stage a faux gun fight and Adelita’s surrender. The mercs capture Adelita. But the partnership between Los Olvidados and the Cartel is spared. Seems like this was a bit of a set up but hard to tell. Cue back to Angel and EZ headed home. They stop and look into the night. As Angel ponders what’s out there EZ responds – inevitability. And so ends Lahun Chan.

Oh man, lots going on here. Dita holds the identity of the father of Miguel, Happy holds the identity of the killer of the mother of EZ and Angel and Adelita and Miguel have their own secrets. Will any be revealed? Tune in next week to find out.

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