Are you struggling to get motivated to go to the gym? If so, maybe it’s time to love exercise again by shaking up your routine a little.

Visits to the gym can quickly go from something that you’re feeling pumped up for, to something that you dread. Feeling like you should go to the gym to stay fit, but then not going can be a real source of guilt. It is something that a lot of people suffer with. For some, the idea of getting up early and hitting the gym becomes a much less attractive idea than staying in bed and sleeping in. For others, the end of a long day at work can make you want to chill out on the couch and binge watch rather than pumping iron. 

If you feel that your workouts need a little livening up so that you can regain your enthusiasm, then why not try mixing it up and trying something new? Staying fit and healthy should be fun rather than a chore. When it becomes something that you feel you should do, it loses all of its appeal. Make your exercise an enjoyable experience, and you will feel much more motivated to do it, and feel great afterwards.

While doing weights may help your muscle definition, there are plenty more great benefits offered by other forms of exercise. From helping you feel more relaxed and releasing endorphins, through to meeting new people; trying a different way of exercising has many amazing benefits. If you fancy trying something new to help you stay fit and healthy, why not try one of these exercises?

Take Up Team Sports

If the last time that you played team sports was back in college, you might have forgotten just how much fun they can be. There are loads of benefits associated with team sports. Such as getting to know new people, being a part of something, and getting competitive. 

There are so many different team sports out there to choose from; soccer, baseball, football, rugby, hockey, basketball… the list goes on. Having a go at one of these sports is a great way to remind yourself of the fun you had playing them as a kid. It is also a great way to get your fitness back on track. If basketball is your thing, why not brush up on your ball skills and get some basketball hoops for your garden? That way you can get some serious practice in between games.

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Join a Club

Just as team sports are a great way to be a part of something bigger, and to get to meet new people, a club offers the same benefits. Being a member of a club often brings excellent opportunities to socialize. So it is a brilliant way to get out of your comfort zone and make new friends.

Why not take some lessons in a sport that you have never tried before. If you get a taste for it, then you may want to join a club. Thus making it a bigger part of your life. 

There are loads of golf, tennis, hiking, running and cycling clubs out there, and usually, they are on the lookout for new members.

Master Martial Arts

If you’re really into trying something different, why not relive your childhood dreams of being the next Karate Kid? Martial arts offers an excellent way to bring focus and discipline into your life. 

A great part of taking martial arts lessons is that you can be graded and start earning your belts. Working your way through earning each of the belts is a great buzz. Additionally, it will give you a real sense of achievement. Who knows you could be a black belt before you know it!

Chill Out at a Class

Studio classes are an excellent way to plan some regular exercise into your weekly schedule. Booking onto a class each week can help you get into a steady routine of exercise and help to make it a part of your life once again.

If you have been feeling stressed out lately, and that’s made you less enthusiastic about exercise. The why not try a class such as yoga? You may be surprised by how good yoga can make you feel. Also how much practice is needed to master the postures. Attending yoga classes is sure to help you get a great night’s sleep afterward. It will also leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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