Talk about outside the box – J. Balvin and Bad Bunny aka Latino Gang dropped the video for the third single off their summertime collab album “Oasis”.  The track entitled “Cuidao Por Ahi” takes the ‘lleros to Greece.

Straightaway this clearly is not your garden variety reggaeton video. No flashy cars, models, bottles or Hype Williams inspired bling. Directed by Colin Tilley, who also directed their “Que Pretendes” video, and has shot for Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and DJ Snake. Balvin and Bunny go full on horror, from the leather Hannibal Lecter surgical mask donned by Balvin to the  WWE Sting inspired face paint Bunny is sporting.  Add in some bleeding walls and Marylin Manson “Beautiful People” filters and edits to the entire video and you have a clip that can open up Halloween Horror Nights at Universal.  Kudos to both artists for trying to take the genre to different places. Check out the visuals here.

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