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When we think of relaxation, we often think of it in terms of a ‘break’ from normal life. We know it’s rarely productive, but that doesn’t mean it lacks value. Learning how to relax can be of great value. That being said, almost no one on planet Earth is paid to relax. We can’t run a household by relaxing. It doesn’t lend itself to our immediate survival. Yet its benefits are so essential for our physical and mental health to remain optimally cared for.

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to one of the biggest killers in the world, that of heart disease and high blood pressure. If you’re unable to let go, you can wind yourself into a tighter and tighter knot until things truly come crashing out of you. If you’re not careful, failing to relax can leave you unable to think about your goals in comfort, or able to make plans, or able to plan your time effectively.

Failing to relax can really diminish your quality of life. Just like social connection, we need the ability to unwind to best manage our energy states as dynamic organisms. So – we might suggest that it’s your real, solemn duty to learn how to relax.

But what might this look like? Let’s explore this topic, together.


Dedicating Time To This Effort

Dedicating time to relax is important. Otherwise, you can find yourself sitting around, bouncing your leg, thinking about the millions of other things you could do to advance your survival or profitability. Of course, if you have certain chores you haven’t completed, getting those done first can be important. But certain things can wait. If it’s 8pm in the evening on a rainy night, you would be forgiven for spending some time in your living room.

It’s important to dedicate time to relaxing. This is time solely focused on the art of relaxing. Maybe you’ll sit in your chair for an hour, in front of the fireplace, and read. Perhaps you’ll make time to watch three episode of a Netflix show you’ve been absolutely fascinated by. Maybe you’ll just spend time making a green tea, sitting by the window, and watching the rain for twenty minutes. But what benefits does setting a time to relax grant you?

Well, it’s really very simple. When you do this, you absolve yourself of the guilt most people feel when relaxing. You have pre-portioned and accepted this time. This helps you relax without thinking of a million extra things at once. Leave your troubles at the door, sit down, and take it easy. That’s all anyone can and should expect of you, because you’ve already justified doing so.


Finding That Which Helps You Release Stress

What is it that helps you release your stress? It might be different than that celebrated by other people. Perhaps you love watercolor painting. Maybe you wish to watch old home movies you have created. Maybe you’ve been reading through all of Tom Clancy’s books, or you enjoy singing in your spare time in a room solely dedicated to your privacy. Perhaps you’re learning to play the guitar, and so noodling a silly tune can be different to practicing with intention – it helps you have fun. Finding that which helps you release stress is the fun part, and relaxing into that is where comfort can be found.


Healthy Habits, Healthy Living

It’s also very important to consider the healthy habits you wish to curate that will help relaxation take place. If you’re well-rested from a good night of sleep, for instance, you’ll be less likely to fall asleep and wake up four hours later, kicking yourself.

For some, supplements such as Complete Hemp CBG Oil or a beautiful cup of relaxing herbal tea can be the best means forward. Healthy habits equal healthy living, and healthy living equals feeling better in your body. This helps relaxation, which is an active process in itself, feel more supportive and like a worthwhile use of your time.


Removing Distractions

It’s also important to remove distractions from your relaxation time. Don’t browse Instagram and Twitter. Don’t call others, or keep up with your messenger app, or scroll through Tinder looking for a date. Just relax. Focus on one or two things, and stay with them. This helps you avoid the absent-mindedness that can make it difficult to stay productive and attentive to the many needs we have. 

With this advice, we hope you can more easily learn how to relax – as if it were your solemn, real duty to do so. This is a skill you can train and a muscle you can develop – almost like any other.

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