October 25, 2021

2. This Fight Defines Mayweather’s Entire Legacy

Money May will never cop to it, but he has been accused in the past of dodging certain opponents he deemed a threat to his undefeated record. Shane Moseley had to literally confront him in a post-fight interview to goad him into a match. Granted, Mayweather easily defeated Mosely but it took some badgering before the fight could get done. The point is word in the industry is Mayweather hand-picks his opponents. Pacquiao is not a hand-pick. This fight is happening because of public outcry, constant badgering by the media and the powers at be imposing their leverage. Mayweather didn’t really pick this fight, as much as it was imposed upon him. Should he lose, the body of work he has amassed will come under scrutiny, as will his moniker “TBE” – The Best Ever. Yet, if he wins, the man will essentially have done it all in the ring. Naysayers will be quelled. Either way MayPac will be a defining moment in his career — no matter what either fighter says.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao SUPERFIGHT

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