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On Wednesday the teaser for the #F9 trailer dropped. Today we get the full trailer. And we get it in a way which only the Fast Franchise can deliver. A full blow out celebration. The cast and crew gathered in Miami for “The Road to F9” concert and trailer drop. The likes of Ludacris, Charlie Puth, Wiz Khalifa, Cardi B and Ozuna performed. Then there was the trailer.  

Mr. Diesel took to the stage to unveil it.   Unlike the teaser, the Torreto’s are not long for the simple life. The trailer is full on cre’ cre’ in terms of action. As Michelle Rodriguez aptly stated after it premiered “I don’t know what’s left to do without going sci-fi with it”.  Heads up people spoilers ahead, were talking an extension of family (sort of) and an old family member back from the dead.  Peep the trailer here.

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