These days, you can’t watch television, listen to the radio or view social media without coming across some form of the Fast & Furious franchise. The most recent installment Furious 7 is the fastest film to pass the billion dollar mark worldwide. Admittedly, we are fans of the franchise here, especially the time jumps it employed in the story line from the first to the fourth films. A question often asked by fans is what happened to the character of Dom Torretto in between his escape at the end of the first film and reappearance in the fourth? When Torretto is reintroduced at the beginning of the fourth film, we find him pulling yet another heist. This time its a gas tanker in the Dominican Republic, but how did he get from L.A. to the D.R?

Ask no more, several years ago Vin Diesel actually starred and directed a short film chronicling Torreto’s whereabouts. The short was filmed in the Dominican Republic and highlights the culture, music and people with some added Latino star power in the form of Don Omar and Tego Calderon (thus also explaining the origins of their characters into the franchise). It’s simply called Los Bandoleros and must see for any fan of the franchise. Click below to see it.

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