You wooed her, got the digits, exchanged some flirty texts and finally scored that date. Don’t blow it now — make sure you’re prepped for that job interview, umm, we mean date. Here are a few pre-date rituals every man should abide by, or at the very least consider. You’ll thank us later.

1. Get Groomed
Unless you’re going on a date with a Duck Dynasty fan (you should be embarrassed if you are) or one of James Harden’s exes (you better have James Harden money), going grizzly isn’t an option. Put down a few dollars and have a professional barber. She’s worth it. By the way, it’s 2014 and that means manscaping is becoming more essential to the modern woman. Be prepared just in case things move fast. Just don’t go overboard with designs or patterns especially if it’s something with a skulls and crossbones, it sends the wrong message. Just saying!

2. What Ben Stiller Did in That Movie
Whether you’d like to admit it or not, Chris Elliott was on to something when he informed Ben Stiller about one of the oldest pre-date rituals in Man Land. Seriously fellas, you don’t want to super soak anyone when things are just starting to warm up! You want to come off as a seasoned vet, not some spring chicken. If that means you have to take matters into your own hand, so to speak, before the actual moment at hand, then you have to man up and get your hands dirty. Your reputation might depend on it.

3. Take a shot of liquid courage
Some people like to take un trago of their favorite liquor to loosen up before a big night. But remember, just one shot is enough, people! You don’t have to down a bottle or guzzle as much as you can in 5 seconds just to work up the nerve to say what you’re feeling. Even if you’re a raging alcoholic you don’t want to reek of Bourbon on your first date and give away your deep dark secrets. Save that for her family reunion.

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