Summer is just about here, which means you can expect blockbuster movies and high-profile TV show launches from the big networks. On the small screen, NBC is building buzz with their new medical drama, The Night Shift. Set to debut later this month, it features a heavily diverse cast and some of the weirdest hospital stories ever to hit primetime. We had the chance to sit with star Daniella Alonso as she spilled secrets about her experiences on and off the set.

‘LL: It’s great to see you back in primetime, can you talk a little bit about what led you to The Night Shift?
I just finished Revolution [for NBC] and I had built such a great relationship with those guys. The entire company makes me feel so welcome and I was thrilled when they gave me the opportunity to audition for [the part of] Landry on The Night Shift.

‘LL: Interesting. Did they always have you in mind for this part?
Actually no. The character I play was originally written for a white girl. When I auditioned, it was between me and a blonde actress. But seeing how this show is set in San Antonio, they ultimately decided that they wanted a more multicultural cast, to represent the diversity of the city.

‘LL: We did notice a nice array of difference faces amongst the cast. Ugly Betty’s Freddy Rodriguez is also one of the headliners.
That’s right and what’s great about our characters is that we’re educated professionals. I play an accomplished psychiatrist, the only one in the entire hospital. Freddy’s the hospital administrator. And you’ll see a lot more diversity within the nursing staff and with the actors playing the patients.

‘LL: Is it nice to get offered more fully developed characters like this?
For sure. Right now I’m seeing a lot more opportunities for Latina actresses. When I first started, the roles I got were for the gangbanging girl or the maid. Now I’m playing doctors and policewomen, which are great role models for young girls. This role of Landry, there’s nothing stereotypical about her. She worked hard to get to where she is and she never gives up.

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