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2014 NCLR ALMA Awards

During the summer of 2014 NBC premiered a show about a group of Army doctors who return to work on the night shift at cash strapped hospital in San Antonio. The Night Shift is now coming up on season two and we couldn’t be happier. Why? It brought Daniella Alonso back to TV. The Boricua and Peruvian beauty has been cutting her teeth in the trade for a number of years making appearances in shows like Friday Night Lights and Law & Order, while also snagging regular roles in series such as One Tree Hill and Revolution. The latter of which led her to become Dr. Landry De La Cruz on The Night Shift. Alonso told us “I just finished Revolution [for NBC] and I had built such a great relationship with those guys. The entire company makes me feel so welcome and I was thrilled when they gave me the opportunity to audition for [the part]. This role of Landry, there’s nothing stereotypical about her. She worked hard to get to where she is and she never gives up.” Ahh Daniella, we’re glad you never gave up.

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