Fans of Jennifer Lopez’ Shades of Blue series got quite a shock during this summer’s season finale, when fan-favorite Miguel Zepeda met an untimely (and dramatic) end. Bad boy Zepeda was actually played by the versatile actor Antonio Jaramillo, who, in reality, is far removed from the abusive ex-boyfriend of Jennifer’s character. We had the chance to chat with him recently about his buzzworthy TV success and where he’s setting his sights after Blue.

‘LL: We’d love to hear how you landed the part of Miguel Zepeda and, perhaps, your professional journey to NBC leading man.
I’ll tell you the truth. Growing up, I never thought I’d be an actor. But eventually I came across the literature of Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. I started doing small things on stage, never thinking it would be my profession. But opportunities kept coming and 12 years after moving to LA, I am still a working actor. I am very grateful for the love and support of the people who enjoy my work. In regards to Shades of Blue, they were looking for a so-called “hunky” Latin actor to play off of Jennifer. I put myself on tape, submitted it and, after a lengthy audition process, got the part.

‘LL: Congratulations on a very successful season on the show. What were your big takeaways from a year on the set?
My experience was fantastic. It was great working with the ensemble. Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta and the rest of the crew…We all got along very well. This whole production was amazing. Great actors, great directors, it was all really well done.


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