February 2, 2023

A word about color: Cigar wrappers will range from very dark (oscuro), to dark or reddish brown (maduro) to light (claro). No matter the hue, a good wrapper will be evenly colored.

The Filler: What’s in your cigar will affect the ‘body’ which is the strength or intensity and the flavor you taste. Filler can be a blend of several different tobaccos which will create a variety of strengths and flavors or it can be made from a single plant.

The Contenders

Much like the grapes of a fine wine, cigars vary by country and region. These patrias each provide the world with some of the finest cigaros.

Considered the gold standard of the cigar world, the most sought after tobacco is grown in a volcanic region of Cuba called Vuelta Abajo. The region is known for its soil, climate and strict quality control. The criollo and corojo seeds are used to grow all types of leaves which create a strong and sweet filler. However tobacco from the lesser Semi Vuelta and Vuelta Arriba regions of the island are also blended with Vuelta Abajo tobacco. Cubans cigars are generally considered full-bodied, with a strong flavor and primarily dark appearance.

Honduras & Nicaragua
These countries not only share a border, but similar tasting cigars. Honduran tobacco is mostly grown from Cuban seeds. Both Cuban criollo and corojo seeds are used for their strong flavor. Like Cuban cigars, Hondurans tend to be heavy, full bodied smokes.

The capital of Nicaraguan cigar production is Esteli, a town close to the Honduran border. Tobacco from this town is considered strong. For a sweeter and lighter cigar, travel further east to the Jalapa valley. It is also happens to be the country’s most prized tobacco growing region.

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